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Travel regions of Slovakia

Today, Slovakia is divided not only on an administrative basis. The country is also divided into special tourist areas. At present time in Slovakia there are 21 such regions. Some of them are well known. In particular, these are the district of Bratislava, the famous Tatra Mountains, as well as a major industrial city of Kosice and its environs. But the names of the rest regions are not so familiar to the tourists.

But what do these mysterious corners of Slovakia represent? Some of them in the Middle Ages were the appanage principalities of the Hungarian Kingdom. Echoing these boundaries of those principalities, were established present historic regions, which form the basis of the modern tourist routes in Slovakia.

Spis is an area, which includes the picturesque castle complex Spish city, as well as the ancient trade city Levocha and several other cities. Spish region is located in north-eastern Slovakia.

Saris is a region with numerous medieval monuments. Sharish includes ancient cities of Preshov, Bardejov, Stara Liubovna and others. The region is also known as one of the centers of the Slovak brewing.

Liptov Historic District comprises the city Liptovsky Mikulas and Ruzomberok, as well as their surroundings. On the territory of Liptov today is located one of the best winter resorts of Slovakia, Shtrbske Pleso.

Turiec includes mainly the two large regions. One of them is a city of Martin and his surroundings with well-preserved examples of rural architecture. Another is a health resort area Turchyanske Teplice.

Novograd (or Nograd) is a part of the region partly situated within the territory of both Slovakia and Hungary. To the Slovak part of the city include Levich, Poltar and Lucenec. Slovak Novograd is located in the southern part of Central Slovakia in Banska Bystrica region. It is situated on the territory of the Slovak Rudohorie, a region that at one time served as the main supplier of gold and other precious metals for the needs of the Hungarian Kingdom.

Gemer or Gemer-Malohont is a region between Novograd and Spish, all in the same Slovak Rudohorie. The main cities of Gemer: Rimavska Sobota and Rozhniava. Gemer is famous for its technological monuments of the Late Middle Ages, which the region has preserved from the time of mass production of precious metals in local regions.

Other regions of tourism in Slovakia have also preserved their historic names and numerous monuments of different eras. However, they are more natural than architectural enclaves. Such regions as Zagorje, Gorny and Dolny Zemplins, Pogronje are famous primarily for the spectacular scenery and opportunities for ecotourism. Several regions have been formed by the rivers, which flow on their territory. These are the regions of Nitra (along the banks of the river Nitra), Transdanubia (along the Danube), Ipel (the area of the river Ipel) and Povyazje, which located on the banks of the longest river in Slovakia, Vah.

Gemer region

Gemer region is one of the largest travel areas in the territory of Slovakia. It is just little smaller of the largest region of this kind in...

Liptov region

Liptov region in Slovakia was established within the boundaries of an appanage area of the former Hungarian Kingdom and today is considered to be...

Saris region

Saris is one of the travel regions of Slovakia. It was established in the early 80's of the last century within the borders of the medieval Saris...

Spis region

Spis is located next to another popular historic area of Slovakia, Saris. The main part of Spis today is located in Slovakia. At the same time a...

Transdanubia region

Transdanubia travel region is one of the most southern regions of Slovakia. As it is evident from its name, it brings together the parts of...

Turiec region

Turiec Region received its name from the same river that flows through almost the entire region. Two major cities of the region are Martin and...

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