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Liptov region

Liptov region in Slovakia was established within the boundaries of an appanage area of the former Hungarian Kingdom and today is considered to be one of the most famous of Slovak tourist zones. The cities of Liptov are: Jasna, Ruzomberok, Vlkolinec, Liptovsky Mikulas and Besenova. The nature of Liptov consists of mountains, valleys and the longest river in Slovakia, Vah. The mountains formed a natural boundary of Liptov from the three sides. From the north Liptov is skirted by the ridge of the High Tatra Mountains, from the south by the Low Tatra Mountains, in the west the peaks of the Great Tatra Mountains divide Liptov with another Slovak tourist region Turiec. 

The rest in Liptov is possible all year round. In winter there is Jasna resort, which is considered to be almost the best skiing resort in Eastern Europe. Among other ski resorts are: Zavazna Poruba, the villages in the Zhjarskaya valley, Liptovsky Jan resort, ski complex in Ruzomberok, Zagradki, Podbrezina resort on the outskirts of Liptovsky Mikulas. During the summer season the main tone is set by Besenov spa resort and Tatralandia entertainment complex.

The natural and climatic conditions of the region are suitable for various types of active tourism. Rafting on the River Vah, cycling, walking on the outskirts of toy towns and villages, speleotourism, including excursions to the famous Demanovsk ice caves, climbing and gliding are offered by Liptov to the extreme amateurs. 

For striking impression it is worth to visit Vlkolinec and Pribylina. Vlkolínec is a unique museum of folk architecture, which is put into the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Traditional architecture of Pribylina wasn’t included in the UNESCO’s list, but local attractions are not less picturesque. In these villages the sound of the Slovak bagpipes could once be heard. Today, however, the main musical instrument is the heligonka, a kind of accordion. One of the centers of tourism in Liptov is Liptov Museum in Ruzomberok. Its exposition tells about the history and nature of the province. If desired, a tour to the museum can be used as a basis for planning one’s own route to Liptov. 

Liptov cuisine is nourishing, based on potatoes and cheese. As a national speciality in Liptov you will be offered dumplings. Basically, they are served in the snack bars on the roads. 

Liptov is Slovakia in miniature. Almost all that the country is famous for, including the medieval towns and modern aquaparks can be found on the compact territory of the province. So if you are limited in time and not be able to travel to Slovakia for a long time, Liptov is a region, which in two days is able to present a week-long tour experience.

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