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Turiec region

Turiec Region received its name from the same river that flows through almost the entire region. Two major cities of the region are Martin and Turciansk Teplice. Both are well known in Slovakia and abroad. Martin is considered to be one of the centers of the Slovak statehood. Here, in 1861, Slovaks for the first time declared itself as a nation. Also here, in 1918, was signed the «Martin Declaration», which enshrined the independence of Czechs and Slovaks from Austro-Hungary. Today Martin is the center of the historic region of Turiec. In addition to the historical value, Martin is also an extreme tourism center. On the outskirts of the town is located a ski resort Martin Vzgorje. 

Turchansk Teplice is a well-known health resort with a modern aqua park, numerous sanatoriums and spa hotels. The distance from Martin to Turciansk Teplice is about 30 kilometers. 

At 9 km east of Martin is situated the former capital of the region of Turiec, Sklabina. There are the ruins of the castle Sklabinsky Grad, which throughout the Middle Ages was one of the main outposts of the Hungarian kingdom in the northern border. Sklabinsky Grad had been repeatedly burned and rebuilt. However, only the fragments in the form of picturesque ruins preserved today. The castles in Turiec have also partially preserved near the village of Blatnica (Blatnica Grad) and in the borough of Cljashtor near Zhniv (Zhniv Grad). 

There are two reserves in Turiec: Small and Big Fatra. Mountains, hills and forests are looking virginally wild. However, the impression is misleading; there are always many tourists. Many go to the Small Fatra to look at the Shutov waterfall and the Tesno gorge, and in the Big Fatra it is possible to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat. If you're lucky, you can see a bobcat or a bear. 

Turiec is the perfect region for agritourism and rural recreation. The nature, consisting of mountains, clean air, and in some places still with the thick forests, is favourable for the power renewal of stress avoiding. Tourists are received in almost every village of the region throughout the year. You can choose the rest in the villages on the banks of the rivers Vah and Turiec, where is a good chance to go fishing. Or there is also a possibility to learn horseback riding at a horse farm in the vicinity of Martin, for example, in the village of Bystrichka.

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