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Gemer region

Gemer region is one of the largest travel areas in the territory of Slovakia. It is just little smaller of the largest region of this kind in Slovakia, Bratislava region. A journey to Gemer is acquaintance with the history of the whole Slovakia, history, which is reflected in the tiny villages with medieval churches, in the castles on the hilltops, in the people, whose rhythm of life is seemed to have almost unchanged over the last couple of hundred years. 

There are no big cities in Gemer. This feature attracts tourists. Here nothing is overshadowing the excellent Slovak nature. And cozy places only add charm to these places. On the territory of Gemer are located reserves Slovak Paradise and Muran Valley. The region is edged with the peaks of Slovak Rudohorie, a truly legendary ridge. Gold and other precious metals for the Treasury of the Hungarian kingdom were mined in these mountains once. 

Rozhnava is a central town of Gemer region with a population of about twenty thousand people. There are streets with two-colored houses, several churches, a couple of museums and a feeling of absolute tranquility. You can walk around the center of Rozhnava for half an hour, but you will want to walk here for days. The other two "largest" cities of the region are Revuca and Rimavska Sobota. In Rimavska Sobota you can visit the museum of Gemer region. In Revuca, in addition to the beautiful scenery of the Slovak Rudohorie, you may visit an interesting town hall, the buildings of the German Lutheran church and the Catholic church of St. Lawrence. The surroundings of the three mentioned cities form the basis of the current tourist Gemer. 

The main attraction of Gemer is considered to be a castle Red Hill, 8 km from Rozhnava. The castle was founded in 14 century, but has managed to preserve perfectly until the present day. It dominates Krasnogorskoe Pogradje village, lying at the foot of Castle Hill. Another symbol of Gemer is considered to be a palace in Betljar. A graceful building is at the same time an exhibition hall. In the Palace is opened Betljar exhibition of luxury goods of the 18th century, portraits of the former owners of the palace, shotguns and hunting trophies. An English garden with exotic trees and plants is laid out around the palace. The history of both sites is closely linked to the Hungarian family of Andraszi, who, since the 16th century, owned the castle, and from the 18th also a palace. 

The region of Gemer is also famous for its caves. Perhaps, the most famous of them was and remains the cave of Domica in Slovak Karst Biosphere Reserve. The corridors of Domica are spread under the ground for 25 kilometers. The cave tour is available in English, it would cost about 120 Slovak korunas or something around 3,5 euros. The UNESCO has put a cave into the list of World Natural Heritage. 

Ski resorts, which in Slovakia only the lazy and incurious are not interested in, are introduced in Gemer at several locations. One of these is Dedinky village, which nestled in a picturesque Gnilitskaya valley, near the Slovak Paradise reserve and the Gnilitskiy reservoir.

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