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Airports in Slovakia

Slovakia has got well developed air links with other countries. There are 9 airline companies engaged in an organization. There are 6 international airports that are willing to take on board both passengers and offer the freight service. MR Štefánik Airport Bratislava, Kosice airport, Airport Poprad-Tatry, Slia─Ź airport, Pishtany and ┼Żilina airports are open in Slovakia now.

The most experienced and the largest among its brethren is the airport in Bratislava. It is located in the village of Ivanka that is located to the east from the capital. One can be reached to Amsterdam, Basel, Brussels, Bucharest, Cologne, Kosice, London, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nice, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Frankfurt and Stuttgart from here.

Poprad-Tatry airport is different in its. History tells that the first military airdrome in Poprad opened in 1938. And the first passengers went on the route Bratislava- Slia─Ź-Tri Duby-Poprad-Prešov in 1943. A concrete strip of a new airport was built in honor of the World Cup Ski Sports in 1970. The planes from Poprad fly to Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Poland.

Slia─Ź Airport is located in central Slovakia between Zvolen and Banská Bystrica. In 1930-ies a military airdrome was located here. It played a crucial role for the Slovak partisans during the popular Slovak rebellion. Since 1947, in parallel with the military airport, it organizes passenger flights, too. Only two airlinesoperate regularly: Slia─Ź - Prague and Slia─Ź-Burgas. Other airlines start working only with the opening of the tourist season.

Bratislava Airport

Bratislava Airport of Miroslav Stefanik (code IATA: BTS) is the oldest and most important air terminal in Slovakia. The airport is in half an hour...

Kosice Airport

Kosice Airport (code IATA: KSC) is the second largest by the volume of passenger traffic air terminal in Slovakia. Kosice is known to be also the...

Poprad-Tatry Airport

Poprad-Tatry Airport (code IATA: TAT) acquires increasing importance for Slovakia on the background of an ever-increasing interest in the...


Hotels in Slovakia: hotel in Bratislava is the best in the world
One of the largest online hotel reservation sites - Expedia - called Marrol's Boutique Hotel in Bratislava the world's best hotel. On June 27, 2012 the company published its own hotel rating "Insiders' Select", compiled on the base of 500,000 estimation reviews of the resource users. This Slovak hotel received the largest number of points. It is followed by Al Codega hotel in Venice and Hotel Royal Corin at the Fortuna resort on Costa Rica.
Holidays in Slovakia: events in June 2012
This summer Slovakia can boast of its rich festival schedule. Dozens of events from folk music festivals in skanzens to speleologist competitions are held from June to September throughout the country. Here we tell about some events that may be interesting for the tourists.
Summer in Bratislava: new tram and new beach
Bratislava will receive new trams. Fleet of the most popular public transport of the capital will be increased. Trams from the Canadian company Bombardier will carry passengers along the metropolis.