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Poprad-Tatry Airport

Poprad-Tatry Airport (code IATA: TAT) acquires increasing importance for Slovakia on the background of an ever-increasing interest in the Slovakian ski resorts. The airport is located among the picturesque mountain peaks, at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. This is the highest air terminal in Central Europe.

For a long time, airport of Poprad had been used occasionally. Opened in 1938, throughout its future history until the 70-ies of the last century, it was an ordinary rural airfield. However, in 1970 the government of Czechoslovakia built new lanes here. Since then, the airport of Porpad became one of the 3 international airports of the CSSR, together with Prague and Bratislava. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and Slovakian independence Poprad airport fell into decay. The main cause is considered to be a general economic crisis.

Currently by its capacity the airport of Poprad-Tatry in Slovakia holds the third place after the airports of Bratislava and Kosice. The number of passengers who pass through terminal of Poprad is annually over 60 thousand people. Airport’s capacity is 200 thousand people per year.

The capacity of the airport of Poprad allows it to receive relatively small aircrafts with a maximum number of passengers not exceeding 200. The main amount of passenger traffic is formed from the charter flights from Germany and Eastern Europe: Russia, Baltic countries, Ukraine. Not so long ago, a budget operator Sky Europe, whose headquarters are situated in Bratislava, opened a regular flight service between Poprad and London.

The airport is located five kilometers from the city. In the vicinity is situated a railway station, which сonnects the terminal with the city and the resorts of the High Tatra Mountains. There is also a bus line. The cost of the ticket to Poprad is about 0.7 euros. Bus routes are linked to the scheduled flights.

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