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Holidays in Slovakia 2011: Piestany resort

Holidays in Slovakia 2011: Piestany resort
Holidays in Slovakia 2011: Piestany resort

Piestany is the most famous health spa in Slovakia, which in summer 2011 offers opportunities for relaxation and quality treatment at its best resorts.

Piestany is a resort with long history. At various times here stayed Beethoven, representatives of the Austrian imperial family and the German kings. Today at the resort is still felt the atmosphere of that era. It can be seen in the architecture of many hotels in Piestany. Some spa hotels of the resort today are among the best hotels in Slovakia. This is, for example, located in the center of Piestany Danubius Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace - the five-star elegant hotel in Art Nouveau style, built in 1912.

It is worth noting that most spas in Piestany are presented by modern complexes with wide range of wellness options in Slovakia, from cosmetic spa to full rehabilitation programs.

Today Piestany is gaining popularity both in Russia and Ukraine. And in Ukraine it is even more popular due to the geographical proximity of the two countries. However, tourists from Russia also form a significant part of the local holidaymakers. Indirect indicator of the growing interest of Russians to holidays in PiešŇ•any is an increasing number of flights of Russian airlines. Among those, who have recently launched its flights to Slovakia is Utair. It opened regular flight Moscow-Bratislava, which was previously serviced by "Aeroflot". From Kiev to Bratislava tourists can get via the Czech Airlines through Poprad.

This year Piestany has prepared it best spas for the tourists. In addition, at the resort will be regularly held various competitions and festivals. So, from 2 to 5 of June, 2011 in Piestany will be organized the famous parade of old cars. From 1 July 2011 in the city center is planned to be opened free Wi-Fi accesson the Winterovej Street. The importance of the Piestany resort lies in the fact that the opening of the season, which was held here on June 4, was attended by the President Ivan Gasparovich.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 18/06/2011

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