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The events in Slovakia

Being situated in the center of Europe Slovakia has to keep to a common European cultural context. That is why the events or festivals are organized practically in every month illuminating almost all the spheres of a creative life.

Event-trigger tourism in Slovakia is very popular. Every town and a country of the country are able to offer some kind of a unique phenomenon as a minimum once a year: musical or a folklore festival, the celebration of the Day of Patron or the Day of foundation, merry fairs and street processions. It happens that events which didn’t exist in reality are thought by the city authorities in order to attract the attention to its city and the village.

There are several official state holidays in Slovakia. They are traditional for all the Europe Christmas and the New Year, the Day of Labor (the 1-st of May) and also the day of three knights (or three saint people) (the 6-th of January) and the Day to Kirill and Mefyodiy (the 5-th of July). These days are celebrated throughout the country.

The day of coronation which is celebrated in Bratislava in September is considered to be one of the brightest events in Slovakia. An old city of Slovak capital has a costume procession on this day which reminds of the times when Bratislava was the place of the coronation of Austrian and Hungarian monarchs.

Being one of the centers of children’s tourism Slovakia couldn’t but paid attention to an International day of children’s protection. It is celebrated on the 1-st of June throughout the world. The most celebrations are organized in Bratislava where you can see different exhibitions, sport competitions, parades and fireworks.

It is impossible to imagine Slovak cultural life without musical festivals. There is a big amount of them. A festival of folklore music in Vyhodne not far from Poprad, the festivals of classical music in Bratislava (September-October) in Banska Shtiavnica and in the castle Boinice (July), the festival of rock music in Trenchin Bazant Pohoda are widely known in the country. Bratislava is also well-known by its traditional days of Jazz (January) and by a musical festival of national Balkan minorities Diaspora Fest which appeared not so long ago.

A big amount of events in Slovakia has a relevance to culinary and potatory traditions. A grandiose Festival of beer is organized in June in all the country which reminds of German fever Oktoberfest. The lovers of cheese can try several kinds of this product in May during the festival of cheese and brynza in Liptovski Mikulash. The festival of Potato is held in September in the museum of folk architecture in the town Martin. A cold November in Slovakia can smooth over the day of open wine shops – the holiday of testing of young wine in Carpatskiy region (Bratislava, Tarnava, Modra).

Events of Bratislava

Events of Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and, as well as it is necessary to the main city, its life dazzles with all manner of events. It is...


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