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If you are going to have holidays in Slovakia and want to visit interesting places of this country, you should certainly include Bardejov in your list of sights. Bardejov is considered to be the museum in the open air. Its streets are of historical value. Bardejov was restored in the 80s of the 20th century by Germans and was included in the list of the world architectural heritage by UNESCO. Thanks to the atmosphere of the middle ages Bardejov became a symbol of the Slovakian tourism. It is also a wonderful place for improving health because a famous Slovakian spa-resort Bardejovske Kupele is situated in its vicinity.

Bardejov is situated in the north-east of Slovakia in the region of Presov. The population is about 30000 people. Bardejov was firstly mentioned in chronicles of the orthodox Epatyevsky monastery in the 13th century. German settlers, who come there in 13th-14th centuries, were the first who started to develop Bardejov. The main architectural masterpieces appeared in the 14th-16th centuries, when trade and handicrafts started to develop. Besides architecture it is worth saying some words about the population of Bardejov. 25% of all citizens are the representatives of the orthodox and the Uneaten Churches.

The most important building of Bardejov is considered to be the Gothic Cathedral of St. Egidius of the 14th century. The centre of the town is a wide square with old Gothic mansions, which belonged to the rich people of Bardejov in the past. It was usual for medieval towns to build a town hall on the central squares. The town hall in Bardejov is an unusual building. Its fundamental part was built in Gothic style but later a lot of elements of the Renaissance was given to it. This unique building is surrounded by the remains of the walls and the towers of the old fortification, which was built in the past to defend the town from Turkish invaders.

Besides its architectural masterpieces Bardejov is famous as one of the towns of the historical region of Saris. Nowadays this region includes some small places like Presov and Velki Saris. Velki Saris is situated in the south of Bardejov and is interesting because one of the best beer producing plants is situated there.

We can’t but say some words about Bardejovske Kupele, which is a resort known all over the world. Its mineral water has been used for health improving bathing since the 17th century. They say that even the family members of the Austrian Emperor came to Bardejovske Kupele to improve their health. Nowadays besides some spa-hotels there is a museum of the national way of life in Bardejovske Kupele, where tourists can see some orthodox churches made of wood.

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