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Preshov like many other historical Slavic cities and towns has its own peculiar image, formed by the three cultures: Slavic, Hungarian and German. The native Slavic tribes had lived on this land since the 9th century but in the 12 century German settlers came. Later the city appeared to be under the protection of the Hungarian Kingdom. Preshov was first mentioned in chronicles in 1247 and belonged to monks that time who complained of highway robbery of the Teutons. They robbed the small place of Epuries. 300 years later that place was called p and became a large trade center where rich Hungarian merchants lived.

In modern Slovacia Preshov is the capital of one of the eight territorial districts, the centre of the historical district Sharish and the 3rd largest city in the country. If you come to p the guides will certainly show you Glavna street (or Main street) with a beautiful Palace of Klobushitsky, St. Nick’s Cathedral of the 14th century, the building of Evangelical College, the first high college of the city (the 17th century), Jewish district, many churches, among them are the orthodox church of Alexander Nevsky, St. Joseph’s church, Grecian catholic church, Neptun’s fountain, gothic prison Karaffa, the building of Bozak’s bank and the City Hall.

If you have some time to see the vicinity of the city you will see one of the largest castles of the country which is called Sharish Grad (6 km from Preshov), which is situated on a high hill near the small town Velky Sharish. This place is also famous for its nice beer. The Park of Semiat is 7 km away from the town and it is a wonderful place for walking and having a rest. Great Hungarian poet Shaudor Petephi wrote his works here under the great beech which is still here.

If you drive for half an hour from Preshov you will be able to visit the only cave opened for tourists in this district which is called a Wicked Hole. It is opened from 8.30 till 19.00. Be ready for an adventure: there is no light in the cave, so you will be given small carbide lamps. The temperature in this cave is 7 degrees. So it is better to take warm clothes with you.


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