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Extreme holiday in Slovakia

No one modern touristic region can ignore the most fashionable direction of extreme holiday. Today any health resort has at least “tarzan” jumping or parachute jumping entertainments. Slovakia health resorts can provide rather more kinds of amusements.

Nature and landscape of Slovakia allow the country to develop several super-popular directions at the same time, such as paragliding, bangie-jumping, mountaineering and rafting. There are centers of standig reputation for every direction.

The health resort Donovaly near Banska Bistritsa is the capital of Slovakia paragliding. There is the best paragliding sport school here. There are dozens of places for paragliding amateurs to cultivate their skills and to enjoy bird’s-eye views. Such as the Tatry, the Fatry, the Carpathians, the environs of Preshov (Tri Hotare), of Trenchin (the White Carpathians), of Coshitse (Grgov).

Bangie-jumping only starts to develop in Slovakia. Strebske Pleso is the most well-known bangie-jumping resorse. Today it is the only point for extreme jumpings in the High Tatry. The surrounding vista takes your breath away. Your pulse is speeding when you realize that your jumping-off place is an altitude of 63 metres (it’s the hight of 15-stores building)!

Rafting in Slovakia is condemned to popularity because there are many mountain rivers here. The Bela is the most fleeting, the most dangerous and the most popular one. Only experienced sportsmen are able to overcome its rapids. The Vag is less obstinate. It is more comfortable for the beginners. It flows through the picturesque surroundings, through the Big Fatra massive, by the Strechno’s medieval ruins.

Slovakia is overfilled in winter especially. Mountain-skiing resorts attract thousands of mountain-skiers from Europe to spend their Christmas holidays here. Skiing mountaineering is for those who is used to trying themselves. It is the combination of the things that can’t be combined – skiing, speed-lowering and mountaineering. It is the most popular extreme in Slovakia. There are twenty mountain-skiing routs of different complicacy levels in Slovakia. Such as the resorts of the Upper and Lower Tatry, Strebske Pleso, Grebiyenok, Tatranska Polyanka, Deres.

There is one more super-attraction – snowrafting – in Slovakia. It is for those who likes speed and acute sensations. It differes from rafting. The boat goes down not the stream but the steep mountain slope. Does it do for you? So you are welcome to Jasna resort in the Lower Tatry.


Hotels in Slovakia: hotel in Bratislava is the best in the world
One of the largest online hotel reservation sites - Expedia - called Marrol's Boutique Hotel in Bratislava the world's best hotel. On June 27, 2012 the company published its own hotel rating "Insiders' Select", compiled on the base of 500,000 estimation reviews of the resource users. This Slovak hotel received the largest number of points. It is followed by Al Codega hotel in Venice and Hotel Royal Corin at the Fortuna resort on Costa Rica.
Holidays in Slovakia: events in June 2012
This summer Slovakia can boast of its rich festival schedule. Dozens of events from folk music festivals in skanzens to speleologist competitions are held from June to September throughout the country. Here we tell about some events that may be interesting for the tourists.
Summer in Bratislava: new tram and new beach
Bratislava will receive new trams. Fleet of the most popular public transport of the capital will be increased. Trams from the Canadian company Bombardier will carry passengers along the metropolis.