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Wine in Slovakia

Slovakia and wine are two inseparable concepts. And Slovak can hardly imagine his country without many vineyards. The first vine in Slovakia appeared in the 3rd century AD thanks to the Roman legions that were located near Bratislava, Devin, Stupava and Trenčín. It was in this period due to the diligence of Emperor Marcus Aurelius viticulture was flourishing. According to the Emperor, hard work and discipline, with a breakdown of vineyard were to improve discipline in the troops. Aurelius had no idea that it would turn against him: he was killed by his own soldiers, who were growing the vineyards. A new phase in the development of viticulture began only in the 9th century in the Velikomoravskom Principality. Wine served its function, not only during the holidays and worship, but was also used for treatment. It was believed that most healing properties contained in Čachtice wine of Burgundy class. After the invasion of the Tatars German colonizers made an enormous contribution to the restoration of vineyards.

The wine trade in Slovakia in the Middle Ages is worth a separate mention. Its sales included the so-called right under the milestone, which allowed viticulturists to sell their own wine harvest only four times a year, but only his family members could be his assistants. The next thing reported of milestones opening: the vineyard owner put the milestone in the street outside his home. It usually was the pole, which was attached to the ball topped with delicate grape leaves or branches of conifers. In those days the house was filled with employees of the owner, poets and politicians.

Nowadays 40 varieties of grapes are grown in Slovakia. Malokarpatsky and Tokaj, the southern part of Slovakia, Nitra, Tekov, Gont, south central and eastern Slovakia are considered to be the best-known regions. Especially popular is Malokarpatsky region where the famous Wine Road is. It starts in Vajnory and Racha. Racha, in its turn, is famous for its red wine Frankovka. Not far from Bratislava there is Svätý Jur  where winemaking began to develop since the 16th century. Libah is the unique place, which still has the original architecture. Limbash Silivan is offered to taste in a wine cellar in wine cooperative in Koliba, in wine’s restaurant. In Slovenský Grob one can have the roast goose and loksha (baked cakes from unleavened dough soaked with the goose fat and stuffed with the goose liver) or remarkable young wine Burchak or Low Carpathian wine.

Another corner of winemaking is Pezinok. If you get here in September, you can have a lot of fun on the Vinobranie Festival (the holiday of collecting grapes and young wine). There is also the place of Modra, which is considered to be one of the most famous wine regions in Slovakia, is also located on the Wine Road. Wonderful wines of Modra are prepared by the graduates from professional wine school, which has been existed for more than 110 years. Actually, there are 6 wine vineyard areas and 603 villages in Slovakia. Veltlin Green, Italian Riesling, the white Pino, Rhine Riesling, the red Tramín, Muscat Ottonel should be mentioned among the names of the Slovak wines. Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Slovak Blue Frankovka red wine, St. Wawrzyniec are among the best-known international wine varieties produced in Slovakia.


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