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Weather in Slovakia

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The climate of Slovakia is moderately continental, because it is situated in Central Europe. The warm current of the Gulf Stream is rather far from Slovakia, that is why it does not influence the weather very much. The weather is rather typical, it is warm in summer and cold in winter. But in the mountainous part of the country there is a greater amount of precipitation during a year if to compare with low-lying lands, for example, the valleys of the river Danube.

Winters in Slovakia have traditionally been snowy and dry. The weather in winters is not changeable. The lowest temperature is about -5˚C. The average temperature from December till March is about 0-2˚C. Nowadays in January there is much more snow if to compare with other months. In winter , which continues for 90 days in Slovakia, it usually snows for only ten days. There are more sunny days in the mountains than in the other parts of the country. Fogs and cloudiness in winter are characteristic features of the Slovakian lowlands. Such climate conditions together with beautiful and picturesque mountain-mass of Tatrus and Fatrus attract thousands of skiers to Slovakia every year. Those, who are fond of skiing come to Slovakia from December till the middle of March. At the end of March the average temperature is about 5- 10˚C above zero, but sometimes the skiing season lasts till the beginning of April.

In spring there are spring-floods in Slovakia. They occur because the snow in the mountains begins to melt and because of rains. Sometimes the water level of the Danube in the mountainous parts of the country becomes 2m higher and even more. Usually, by the middle of May the water level in the rivers becomes stable.

Slovakian climate can’t be called windy, neither tornadoes nor hurricanes happen there. Though sometimes storms occur, as a result of which a lot trees fall down and have to be taken away from roads and streets. Nevertheless such storms not often occur in Slovakia.

The weather in Slovakia in summer is hot and comfortable at the same time. The average temperature is +25˚C, sometimes it is +30˚C in July or August and it is rather dry. The hottest parts of the country are the southern regions of Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra. There are a lot of sunny days there, that is why they are considered to be the main wine producing regions of Slovakia. Summer in Slovakia is the best period to get acquainted with Slovakian castles, caves and other interesting places.


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