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The Souvenirs of Slovakia

The souvenirs in Slovakia, like all the other goods for tourists, reflect the customs and traditions of the people of that country. Slovakia is the country of strong rural traditions. That is why a lot of Slovakian souvenirs can tell us about the rural handicrafts. When tourists visit Slovakia they usually buy there things made of ceramics and wood and national musical instruments.

The most famous Slovakian souvenirs are the following:

Črpák is a cup made of wood decorated with ornaments and fretwork. Črpák in Slovakia is a sort of “the first cup”, which is used when sheep milk is tasted.

Fujara is a national musical wind-instrument, which is included into the list of UNESCO heritage because it is unique. Fujara is a long tube made of wood. A festival is held in Slovakia annually, during which the musicians of the whole country play this instrument.

Valaška is a sort of an axe. But valaška has not been used as the means of labour or as an arm of the service. In the past people took it when they were walking to the mountains and it served them as a walking-stick. Nowadays you can buy souvenir sets in Slovakia consisting of valaška, fujara and a national Slovakian waistband.

Besides the mentioned above things there are some other very popular souvenirs there, for example, supolka dolls, national Slovakian clothes, different kinds of bells, bags made of wool. A great variety of souvenirs can be found in ULUV shops. ULUV in Slovakia is the name of the most famous shops, which sell different kinds of national handicrafts. There are ULUV shops practically in all big cities of Slovakia. The biggest shop is in Bratislava, its address is Bratislava, Obhodná 64.

If you want to buy antique things in Slovakia you should pay attention to the shops with a signboard “Starozitnosti”. Such kinds of shops sell antique things. You may find paintings, jewelry, old furniture and lots of wonderful ornaments there.

Besides souvenirs mentioned above you should know about Slovakian wine and food as well. Slovakian wine is considered to be one of the best in Europe. Wine producing has been developing according to the old traditions. A lot of tourists choose special tours to the south of the country, where the main wine producing plants are situated. These regions are near the cities of Nitra, Topolcani and a famous region of Tokaj, which is partly situated in Hungary. By the way, Slovakia has got the right together with Hungary to produce Tokaj wine. It is better to buy wine which is produced by the small private plants.

Slivovitz also known as slivova or slivovica is a famous national strong drink in Slovakia. It is a sort of brandy. The best one is produced in Trencin at the Old Herold Ferm enterprise. This plant produces such famous kinds of Slivovitz as Old Herold Vinjak, Hradne Brandy and others. The other plant producing Slivovitz is situated in the town of Pezinok. It is called Malokarpatsky Vinarsky Podnik. Besides ordinary sorts of brandy Malokarpatsky Vinarsky Podnik produces exclusive sorts of brandy as well. The most famous sort of brandy is Karpatske Brandy X.O.

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