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Slovak Cuisine

Dumplings, kendliki, beer, cheese, wine are the brands of a national cuisine in Slovakia. The majority of tourists say that they are the best dishes they’ve tried in this country. But it doesn’t say that there is no more food in this country. The reason is simple: the names of the majority of Slovak dishes are quiet original what doesn’t deny their excellent taste and the skill of local chefs. The cuisine in Slovakia repeats the motives of many other Slavonic cuisines. Its basis is the porridge and the dishes from potato. The dishes from a goose are also popular.

Traditional Slovak treating is “lokshami” (potato pancakes), “spishskaya pohutka” ( goulash with potato pancakes), a goose baked with kendliki, a duck with a sour cabbage, a pate from a wild fowl, traditional for the whole region of the Carpathian vareniki and a famous fried pork leg which is more famous for being a Czech dish.

Fish takes an important role on a Slovak table. An abundance of Mountain Rivers and pure lakes allows having one of the most valuable freshwater kinds of fish – a trout. And of course the cheese which even has a special holiday in Slovakia. The festival of cheese is annually celebrated in May in the town Lipovski Mikulash. Brynza becomes a central part of the festival – a sheep’s milk cheese which is famous all over Europe for this quality.

Everyone who comes to Slovakia for rest evaluates beer first of all. Being not as famous as beer of a neighboring Czech Slovak heady drink isn’t inferior to it in its quality. Brewery traditions are as old as the first Slovak towns. A special decree was printed in the 10-th century which allowed Slovak people to brew beer on the territories of private farmsteads. Topvar (the factory in the town Topolchany) and Sharish (the factory in the town Velky Sharish) are considered to be the best sorts of beer in Slovakia.

Wine in Slovakia is undeservedly ignored by many famous wine reference books. Slovak people themselves are sure that it is a temporary phenomenon. Wine making in the country has a national priority. There is even an official wine route which includes a whole range of famous Slovak city-centers of wine making in the region of Small Carpathians: from the capital of Bratislava to tiny villages like Pezinok.

We have only to add that including all its splendor Slovak cuisine is exclusively available. You can have a substantial meal practically in every restaurant of the country the price of which seldom exceeds 6 Eur.


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Bratislava will receive new trams. Fleet of the most popular public transport of the capital will be increased. Trams from the Canadian company Bombardier will carry passengers along the metropolis.