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High Tatras

High Tatras is the oldest resort of Slovakia located in the northern part of the country on the border with Poland. The length of the basic hills is about 30 km. But, despite  rather small-size, High Tatra demonstrates a unique, almost alpine character. The first recreation areas have appeared here in 1876. These were sanatoria in the settlement Novy Smokovec.

Smokovec is an administrative centre of High Tatras and unites Novy, Stary, Mountain and Dolny Smokovec. Here holiday-makers are given an excellent opportunity to improve health (a huge experience of treatment of respiratory diseases and a qualified postoperative help) and just to relax, admiring unique landscapes of Tatra mountains. However the fans of productive leisure will have no oppportunity to be bored: skates, and mountain skiing, and a snowboard are all at their disposal.

One of the most popular high-mountainous resorts of High Tatras is Štrbské Pleso . A small town is located on the coast of mountain lake of the same lake. At a unique in its sanitary properties cozy Slovak place owing to pure coniferous air and affably shining sun (aero- and heliotherapy) they have treated bronchitis, a cold, an asthma, an inflammation of lungs and many other diseases of respiratory ways successfully. Besides the resort has excellent mountain-skiing lines where both beginners and professionals can get unforgettable impressions.

It is necessary to mention historical heritage which High Tatra possess. KeĆŸmarok, Spišská Sobota, Poprad are the cities with plenty of architectural sights. KeĆŸmarok with its 700-years history stores set of secrets. In the architecture of KeĆŸmarok Romance, and Gothic, Baroque with the Renaissance styles are interwined, forming a unique ensemble. The pride of KeĆŸmarok is a wooden articulary church, constructed in the 18th century without any nail.

The most beautiful high-mountainous landscape opens to tourists from the top of Lomnicke sedlo. The top has the form of a trihedral pyramid. The first tourist rose on it  the summer of 1793 was an Englishman Robert Tounson, having defined the height of Lomnicke sedlo (2633). Rises in winter time began in 1891.

Other popular peak of High Tatras is mountain Risa (2499). It is well-known for a wide panorama for which it has received the second nickname - Tatra Riga. In the vicinities of Risa in due time many outstanding historic figures had a rest, from Maria Skladovskaja-Kjuri up to Lenin.

Having gone down from Risa it is possible to get in one more remarkable place Mengusovska Valley, to be exact in one of its parts - kotlina Zhabih lakes. Mengusovska valley has extension of 8 km and is popular among tourists. It is very branchy. Its each part has the name: Popradsky hreben, Zlomivska Valley, Gintsova Kotlina, Koprovski Peak and etc. - and from one part it is possible to get without problems to another on multi-coloured footpaths (red, dark blue, yellow).

From High Tatras tourists can go also to one-day excursions in Low Container, Pieniny, Levocha, the Spišský Castle, Pleysy.


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