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Nove Zamky

Nove Zamky is a town in the south-west of Slovakia near the river Nitra. 42000 people live in Nove Zamky nowadays. The town is situated at the same distance from two capitals- Bratislava (79 km) and Budapest (87 km). Nove Zamky is connected with them by railway. It is an important industrial centre of Slovakia nowadays.

Nove Zamky was founded in the middle of the 16th century as a fortress to defend the boarders of the country from the Turkish army. The fortress that time was one of the up-to-date military fortifications in Europe. It was called Castrum Novum in Latin. So the name of the fortress became later the name of the town. Today the fortress is depicted on the Emblem of the town.

Nove Zamky had been defending its citizens from the Osman army for about a hundred of years since its creation and only in 1663 the Turkish troops invaded it. The place was under the Osman Empire for 20 years. In 1685 king Karl captured Nove Zamky. The memorial was created on the territory of the fortress in 1935 to commemorate this event.

Unfortunately during the Second World War most of the historical buildings in Nove Zamky were ruined. The best way to know about the history of that place is to visit the town museum named after Ian Tain, where the archaeological artifacts of different historical epochs are exhibited.

There are some temples, which have remained till nowadays in spite of the bombings of the Second World War. The Catholic Church of the 17th century and the Franciscan monastery of the same period are the most important among them. The monastery was reconstructed at the end of the 19th century. One more Catholic Church of Saint Crucifixion is situated in the centre of Nove Zamky. It was built in 1877. There are some other religious centers in Nove Zamky. There are a Synagogue, a Calvinistic and a Lutheran Churches.

Modern Nove Zamky is not only a place of historical monuments and artifacts. Nature in the vicinity of the place gives great opportunities for different kinds of holidays. Nove Zamky is situated in the region known as the Danubean region. The river Danube flows near the town and it is considered to be the main river in Europe. There are about 20 national reservations near Nove Zamky, the most famous are Vrsok, Kamence and Torozlin. Tourists, who visit Nove Zamky, have a wonderful opportunity to visit spa resorts near it. Sturovo is famous for its big thermal swimming pool. There are thermal springs in a small place called Podgaisk as well. Besides traditional complexes of spa resorts there are also sport grounds, tennis courts, artificial simulators for rock-climbers and many other things in Sturovo and Podgaisk.

Polarikovo village is a very special place in this region. In the past it was famous for hunting lands and nowadays there is a huge farm there where pheasants are bred.

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