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In the very heart of Slovakia, spread on the banks of the Turiec River and Turchyan Lowland, a city of Martin is located. Now prosperous the city had no easy fate. Martin was first mentioned in the 13th century, but for the entire five hundred years it remained in the shadow of all events. Only in the mid-19th century, having become a centre of the Slovak revival, it has gained considerable importance. The events were developing in the Protestant Church in 1861 initially where the Martin "memorandum" was declared. The words "Slovakia is the same nation as the Magyars" bore a desire to cultural and linguistic autonomy for the North-West of Slovakia in Hungary. A number of cultural and educational institutions appeared due to the present patriotic spirit. For example, " Matica Slovenská" had the direct relation to the development of national literature and the arts. Such proactive actions of the Slovak nation causes the discontent from the side of Hungarians. In their turn they closed all Slovak cultural centers in mid-1870s. But patriots never gave up, and in 1918 Martin "Declaration" was signed that adopted the commonality of Slovak and Czech people. 70 years later "Matica Slovacka", which was attached great importance to, had continued its work.

Being on a tour round martin one should pay attention to the oldest building of the town that is situated in the Uprising Square. It is the Catholic Church of the early 13th century that reminds of the 15th century with its murals. Turchyan Gallery where you can admire the works of art masters is situated not far from the Church. Here you can see the works of M. Bazovsky, L. Full, M.Galand, M. Benko. Slovak People's Literature Museum, which is located in the building of the “Slovak Matitsy ", will present the Slovak writers. The most frequently visited places by tourists are a former gymnasium building, set around the Evangelical Church, Yanoshikovsky fountain made by the artist Frannom Shtefunkom.

In 1994, Martin was awarded a rank of Slovakia National Culture Centre. That is where the "Building of 2003" - glass building Millenium as well as the largest library in Slovakia with the disposal of more than 2 million books, papers and documents is situated.

After reviewing the sights of Martin, you can go to the city located near the winter sports resorts. Martin Tract, Snowy country in the Valchinska valley and Yasenskaya Valley are going to offer a lot of active recreation for enthusiasts.


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